Project Decibel and Faster Horses Festival

July 20-22, 2018

We had the amazing opportunity to partner with Country Nation, a division of Live Nation, to take care of country artists (and their ears!) at the sixth annual Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan!

During the three days of Faster Horses, we had the chance to meet with tons of festival staff, musicians, and artists’ crews to discuss their hearing concerns and provide them with access to complimentary hearing services. We were so excited to bust out our cowboy boots and take care of some country artists- and bust a lot of wax out of their ears! A big thank you to Anna, Ruthie, and the entire hospitality team for providing your guests with the opportunity to see an audiologist while on the road! It was awesome to see so many amazing artists and crew members take advantage of our services, including members of Florida Georgia Line, and the Cowboy Karaoke group!


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