Project Decibel and the Montana Folk Festival

July 14-15, 2018

We were honored to partner with MusiCares to take care of ears at the eighth annual Montana Folk Festival, in Butte, Montana!

Throughout the three days of the festival, we had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of musicians from all over the world, including Cambodia, Spain, and Colombia! We provided almost 100 musicians, engineers, crew, and festival staff with ear impressions, hearing tests, and ear wax removal. Shout-out to MusiCares, who provided the funding for custom hearing protection for 80 of the music industry members we saw. We had a great time talking about hearing wellness, listening to great music, and removing 3 lbs of wax...okay, maybe not 3 lbs, but there was definitely a lot of wax!

A big thank you to MusiCares, who invited us to join them at the festival! MusiCares is the Recording Academy’s charity that provides assistance for music people in need. MusiCares does more than just earplugs- to learn more about their services please visit their site below. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MusiCares and supporting their mission!

Please take a moment to learn more about MusiCares and their amazing initiative and consider donating to their cause:

MusiCares at Montana Folk Festival
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