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Jenna Paley, au.d.

Founder & president

Doctor Jenna Paley is a Music Industry Audiologist specializing in hearing wellness. Jenna participates in the Hearing and Hearing Loss Taskforce at the Audio Engineering Society and on the Music Induced Hearing Disorders Taskforce at the National Hearing Conservation Association. Overall wellness has always been a passion of Jenna's. "I made it my mission to create a platform for the music industry to access reliable hearing wellness information from Audiologists who have a deep ingrained understanding of their sensitivity to the harmonics and timbre of sound that other providers do not have.” 

In addition to Project Decibel she has been practicing yoga since she was 7 years old with her grandma and been a has a certified yoga instructor for over 5 years. 


Drew price, AU.D.

Vice President

 Dr. Drew Price earned her Doctorate of Audiology from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL and completed her residency at the University of Colorado Hospital at Anschutz. Prior to graduate school she earned her Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.

Drew's New Orleans roots instilled in her a love for music and ears helped her find her passion of hearing conservation for musicians. In fact, her research project for her doctoral program was developing a hearing wellness program for school aged students in band. Drew is also on the Music Induced Hearing Disorder Taskforce for the National Hearing Conservation Association. 

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Brian Fligor, PH.d.

expert advisor

Brian Fligor, Sc.D., PASC, is Chief Development Officer at Lantos Technologies (Woburn, MA), leading product development and business development of direct ear scanning technology to make custom-fitted ear devices (such as in-ear monitors, hearing protection, and hearing instruments). In addition, he is Founder and President of Boston Audiology Consultants, Inc., and the Musicians’ Hearing Program (Mansfield, MA), a private practice geared toward diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders in musicians. Prior to joining Lantos, Dr. Fligor was Director of Diagnostic Audiology at Boston Children’s Hospital and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. He is board certified in audiology with a specialty in pediatric audiology, and author of Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss (Rowman and Littlefield; October 2015). Dr. Fligor is adjunct faculty at the George S. Osborne College of Audiology, Salus University (Elkins Park, PA), a consultant member of the Children’s Oncology Group, and founder and past-chair of the Music-Induced Hearing Disorders Taskforce for the National Hearing Conservation Association. Dr. Fligor’s publications on hearing loss risk from music received considerable popular media attention, including being spoofed on the David Letterman Show in 2005. His publications on ototoxicity were incorporated into the JCIH Position Statement (2007) and helped shape a new unified international chemotherapy ototoxicity grading scale. Dr. Fligor is currently chair of the World Health Organization/International Telecommunication Union (WHO/ITU) (Geneva, Switzerland) committee to draft manufacturer safe-listening guidelines for portable audio systems (headphones-MP3 players). He holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Sc.D. in Audiology from Boston University.