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Ear gear done a new way.


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Our Audiologist-led team takes mold of your ear.

We scan it into a 3D image to use for today's order and future orders with our earpiece partners.



We hand select and work with these trusted manufactuers:

Jerry Harvey Audio, Sensaphonics, Ultimate Ears Pro

You pick the product, we take care of the rest.




On the road? No problem. We work with you to coordinate shipping.

All you have to do is wait for the package to arrive and enjoy wearing them!

Custom Filtered Earplugs

Custom Performance Ear Plugs

Constant loud sound can impact your hearing for life. Attending a loud concert without custom earplugs is the equivalent of staring into the sun without sunglasses.

Forget the foam. Upgrade your audio experience with earplugs that are designed for listening to music.

These earplugs are custom fit with an acoustic filter that allows sound to pass through without changing the sound quality. They "turn the volume down" so that you can listen at a safe, comfortable level.

Perfect for musicians, engineers, photo and video personnel, management, the concert enthusiast, bartenders, or anyone working in a loud environment.


Custom Sleep Earplugs

These are completely solid earplugs designed to block everything out. If you live in a busy city, on a tour bus, have a snoring partner, or just really love some peace and quiet- these are for you.

They're made from a super soft medical grade silicone, custom fit to your ears to offer max comfort and more than 26dB of sound isolation.

For those seeking maximum comfort and silence for sleep.


In-Ear Monitors

Professional sound and individualized fit, perfect for anyone looking to take their performance and audio experience to the next level. We work with top manufacturers in in-ear monitor creation to offer you the most premium audio experience in the market today.

We work with these trusted producers: Jerry Harvey Audio, Ultimate Ears Pro, and Sensaphonics.

These also function as everyday listening headphones that plug right into your phone.  For those who love great sounding music, travel and need a quiet commute, these custom fit and sound isolating earphones will upgrade your music listening experience to an unparalleled level.

Perfect for the musician/performer, audio engineer, audiophile, and those who travel and need headphones that offer high quality audio while blocking out the hum of the airplane.


Don't have ear molds yet? Book an appointment here: