Custom Sleep Plugs

Custom Sleep Plugs


Made by Sensaphonics for those who really don’t want to be disturbed – who want nothing more than to shut out all the noise around them and get a good night’s sleep, we offer our Solid SleepTM earplugs. Just as with other Sensaphonics products, these plugs are made from soft gel silicone for exceptionally comfortable fit and tight seal against all environmental noise. Minimum of 26 dB of noise reduction across all frequencies.

For those who don’t want to hear the telephone, the snoring, or the passing trains that can prevent a good night’s sleep, consider visiting your audiologist to be fit for our Solid Sleep earplugs.

-Minimum 26dB noise reduction across all frequencies

-Super soft medical grade silicone for maximum comfort

-Low profile fit designed to not interfere with your pillow

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