Custom Performance Earplugs

Custom Performance Earplugs

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Our high fidelity earplugs were developed specifically to protect your hearing when you are exposed to unsafe sound levels but still want to hear in full fidelity. Unlike the muffled sound quality produced by over-the-counter earplugs, the filtered earplugs are specifically designed with music in mind, making them perfect for concert-goers as well. The earplugs give balanced sound reduction with very little disruption of frequency response. Definition of mid and high frequencies can be heard clearly for a safer, yet truly musical listening experience.

ER-9 Nine decibels (dB) of noise reduction, perfect for everyday use

ER-15 Offers 15 dB of noise reduction for more intense environments like concerts

ER-25 A full 25 dB of filtering to counter prolonged exposure to high-noise conditions

All three filters are interchangeable. Earplugs may be ordered with or without a connecting cord ($10) and filter lock ($10) to ensure the filters do not pop-out.

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