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Project Decibel is a proactive hearing wellness service that serves high risk, unregulated populations. Through creating awareness of the issues surrounding hearing wellness and offering product solutions to remedy them, Project Decibel’s mission is to “Save your ears.”

While awareness of the issues surrounding hearing protection and loss is high, adoption of solutions that offer effective hearing loss prevention - or how to access them - is not. Project Decibel seeks to bridge this gap by reducing the friction to obtaining custom in-ear hearing protection and offering related audiology services at concerts, music festivals, and other places where industry members gather.


We are the sweet spot that makes the ear mold creation process more convenient, more efficient, and more affordable. 





Wax Removal

If you have too much wax in your ear we will carefully take it out with our special audiology tools. 

Hearing Tests

Dentists recommend you visit at least once every year. Why don't you do your ears a favor and get them checked out once in a while? We test the normal speech frequencies 250-8kHz as well as the extended high fequencies out to 16kHz.


Not sure what kind of protection you need? No problem! We're happy to walk you through your hearing protection options and help you choose what products and processes are right for you.


Ear Impressions

Custom hearing protection requires the creation of ear impressions. Getting your ears molded is a novel and physical experience, and can be fun.

Here's how the impression process works:

  1. We look in your ear to make sure there is no wax or debris that needs to come out.

  2. Our Audiologist carefully places a foam block deep into your ear canal to protect your eardrum.

  3. We squeeze a silicone based "play dough" into your ear canal until it is completely full.

  4. Once it hardens, we take it out and viola, there's your ear!

The whole process generally takes about 5-10 minutes without earwax removal.

I was so happy with my experience I went and raved to all my friends and family that they needed to do the same! Go see Project Decibel and upgrade your life!
— jordan kelley, cherub

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Ear Tips


We believe hearing loss prevention starts with education. We are constantly bringing you the most recent research, new innovative products, and interviews with the people who have been promoting hearing wellness since day one. Check out our education page to learn about your ears!