I love the fact she comes on-site, as she is able to save trips to both an audiologist‘s office and the post office, as well as the cost of an appointment and shipping fees. The fact that these digital impressions stay on file also means this is the last mold they will ever have to make for a while - and they didn’t even have to leave their dressing room.
— Ryan hug, tour manager - cherub

Dr. Jenna was awesome to work with, as a manager its important to me that my artists stay super healthy and that includes their ears.
— Joey papoutsis, manager - louis the child

Working with Project Decibel has been awesome. Jenna had a really great understanding of the industry and our needs. We’ve been to other audiologists and Jenna is definitely the only one who gets it. They are super organized and our clients absolutely love the care they receive on site from them.
— Kevin Glendinning, engineer - jh audio

I have only had my ears cleaned professionally once and it was not an enjoyable experience. The doctor was very rough and it was painful. This was not the case with Jenna. She was very friendly and explained to me exactly what to expect when she started cleaning my ears. She quickly got rid of all my wax buildup and I immediately could hear better and feel better. I was so happy with my experience I went and raved to all my friends and family that they needed to do the same! Go see Jenna and upgrade your life!
— jordan kelley, cherub