Audiologists bringing hearing wellness to the music community.

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Dr. drew price, Au.d.

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Dr. Jenna Paley, au.d.

Whenever. Wherever..... We come to you.


Available for ear mold impressions, wax removal, hearing tests, consultations, etc.

We bring the clinic to you.


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During a visit, the doctors at PdB always take the time to teach the client the, “whats and whys” of the procedure.  This knowledge helps people move forward with not just a product but with knowledge of how to better their own hearing protection and ensure longevity.
— Beau Williams, Lettuce

Let's get serious about your hearing.

Onsite Concierge Audiology Services by our expert Audiologists.

We bring the clinic to you.



We look in your ears to see if your eardrum looks healthy and if there is any wax or debris that needs to come out.


Sound Consult

How loud is too loud? At what point are you doing damage? The music industry has diverse listening needs depending on what you do. We create an individualized hearing wellness plan based on your lifestyle. 


Hearing Tests

The first step in knowing how to protect your ears is knowing how you hear. We find the softest level you can hear at each pitch from 250 to 16kHz.


Ear Molds

Whether you’re in need of high fidelity ear plugs, in-ear monitors, or other custom-fit products, an ear mold impression is required. We also keep your scan on file for easier ordering.


Wax Removal

Think your ears might be clogged with wax? We look in your ear drums to make sure they look healthy. If there’s any wax or debris that needs to come out, we’ll remove it.


Gear Consult

Not sure what gear you need? We’re happy to talk to you about your options for protecting your hearing.