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Custom Ear Gear



Protection designed for music

Custom fit

Hear what you want, block out the rest


Personalized fit for maximum comfort

Enhanced audio experience

New technology from top manufacturers


Over 26dB of noise reduction

Custom fit for maximum comfort

Made from medical-grade silicone



Custom Ear Plugs at Lollapalooza

 In music, your story begins with your ears.

Music industry members around the world are in need of hearing loss prevention tools and high fidelity earplugs but don’t have access to them because of this, many will not be able to effectively do their job due to the severity of hearing injury that can occur from repetitive exposure to loud sound.

To help address this problem, we work with a handful of partners to ensure that their employees and clients are protected and have the tools they need to make and enjoy music for the rest of their lives. 


Ears & Hearing Info Hub


Since day one, we have been on a mission to make hearing wellness more accessible and more affordable to music industry personnel- starting with education.

Your ears are your most important instrument. Without them, you wouldn't be able to do your job. That being said, how much do you know about your hearing?

Visit our educational page to learn more about how your hearing works, what causes hearing disorders, and how to prevent them!

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